Who am I?

Born Sally Jean Geldart, I am living a life that simply existed in my childhood dreams of Grimm’s Fairy tales: some of which were more scary than exciting and having learned from first hand experience, are closer to reality than fantasy! There are days when I feel as though I have been “teleport-ed” from one life to another (sequentially backwards in terms of fairy tale fantasy to reality) as I ride my simple bicycle with basket attached down cobbled streets lined with the quaintest little houses, details of which spring straight off the pages of those same childhood story books!

From an idealistic childhood on a farm in the rolling green hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa to the flattest of countries in the wold, The Kingdom of The Netherlands, I have lived what feels to be a number of life times of adventure between these two geographic points as a very ordinary person who has been extra ordinarily blessed to have had the opportunities and enthusiasm to take them on.

Accompanying me on this adventure are the best team mates a person could wish for: hero/husband/lover/friend/provider/father/superman Carlos Pereira and precious daughters Rebecca Frances and Rachel Elizabeth. Thankfully I have a remarkably stable back-up crew in my Mum Bev, my incredibly capable older sister Winsome and my equally capable younger brother Rob.

Journey with me on occasional trips back down memory lane into my “previous lives” and forward into my next adventures.

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