Beginnings and endings.

How challenging it is, at times, to set aside our preconceived notions of control, order and planning. Well, it certainly is for me, with my type-A, “control freak”, slightly OCD, mostly bossy personality! I see much of myself in our precious eldest daughter who, typical of an eldest child, has incredible organizational abilities for planningContinue reading “Beginnings and endings.”

The sounds of silence.

Night noises are mostly the things of nightmares with the old line of “what goes ‘thump’ in the night” coming to mind! In a previous post, I contrasted the sounds of our home on a traffic circle in a quiet town in The Netherlands with the rural sounds of our Swiss alpine escape. A largeContinue reading “The sounds of silence.”

Panic and peace.

Our world appears to have been turned upside down with the pandemic that has swept across the globe. The speed of the spread fuelled by the highest order of fear mongering by the powers at play and exacerbated by the instantaneous social media platforms, spewing out alarming statistics, scaring everyone into panic mode. This newContinue reading “Panic and peace.”

Migration miracles.

Swallows are such small winged creatures that cover enormous distances every year – the utter miracle that is the cycle of nature! They return home to the same place, at virtually the same time every single year. I know this very well as my dear sister keeps a record of these beautiful birds who makeContinue reading “Migration miracles.”

Epiphany at Advent.

The beginning of the season of Advent is one of expectation and simmering excitement, if not spiritually then at least festively. The planning and preparation that goes into annual family gatherings lends some stress to the logistical scenario of accommodation, food, gifting and even tricky relationships – every family has them in some shape orContinue reading “Epiphany at Advent.”

Liberation of anonymity.

Phew! What a life, what opportunities! It seems unfathomable that our time in this incredibly beautiful, sublimely peaceful and obviously isolated bubble is drawing nigh but it is time for a new adventure and that means a return to the “real world”! This got me thinking about my dear Dad, gone over 15 years agoContinue reading “Liberation of anonymity.”

Swiss secrets.

So much to learn and discover in a new country, none more so that Switzerland with her pristine, accurate, perfectionism.  Along with all of that comes an enormous burden of secrecy. We are mostly familiar with the Swiss neutrality during the Second World War, but recently that “neutrality” has been called into question regarding theContinue reading “Swiss secrets.”