The way of the ancients.

Perhaps I have an overactive, romantic imagination? So often, when driving our little car or riding my trusty bicycle, along a small road, generally through one of the many forests in NL, I feel somewhat transported back through the ages. I could link this directly to the history of art lessons that I took forContinue reading “The way of the ancients.”

Socio-economic leveller.

This title makes me think of smart people like economists, business people, and dare I say it, politicians, none of which are me! My take on such an intellectual title is on a far more day-to-day angle… the bicycle! How does a bicycle fit into the picture? Well, for a “local” living a wonderful new-life-adventureContinue reading “Socio-economic leveller.”


Beautiful hymns keep coming to mind as I spend gentler times with my elderly clients. What a privilege it is to sit a while and listen to the chatter of their memories as they recount the days of their youth, marriage, children, careers and holidays.  The first being “It is well with my soul” –Continue reading “Soul-filled.”

Dancing through the dahlias.

Around the corner from our new apartment home, is the quaintest little cobbled road that leads one along the edge of a canal, on one side and the edge of the forest on the other. Part way along this little lane is a flower farm that boasts some of the most magnificent dahlias that IContinue reading “Dancing through the dahlias.”

Tennis and tea under the trees.

The privilege of an invitation to a private clay court in a prestigious neighbourhood came through one of my dear clients. A fortuitous cup of tea, with said client and a friend, led to chatter about how and why we now live in The Netherlands and thus, my love for sport and in particular, tennis.Continue reading “Tennis and tea under the trees.”

Pride and patriotism/passion and poison.

There is something about a sporting event that tends to have a magnetic ability to pull a nation together. I have grown up with the events of South Africa’s “other religion”, namely rugby, being the galvanizing element to national pride and unity. None more so iconic than the post apartheid Rugby World Cup, presided overContinue reading “Pride and patriotism/passion and poison.”

Coming full-circle.

What a week of excited stress! How is it that there are times of great elation mixed with times of anxiety, so that one’s face does not know whether to smile or frown, laugh or cry – such paradox. The full-circle I am referring to is not dissimilar to that wonderful song from the LionContinue reading “Coming full-circle.”

The sound of silence.

The last few blog posts have been somewhat negative, in terms of bemoaning our latest home location. Note to self: there is really not much to moan about as we are privileged to have such a beautifully renovated apartment, in a beautiful town, in a safe and secure country to call our home, for now. Continue reading “The sound of silence.”