Simplify the simple.

The most wonderful solo adventure, to see my dear friend in the north of the country, led to a flood of memories as company for the almost two hour journey to Friesland. Friesland is a unique part of this tiny country that I now call home. Not only is it home to the tallest humansContinue reading “Simplify the simple.”

The power of pain.

The wiring of the human brain is a more complex system than any computer motherboard and is as unfathomable as the depths and vastness of the ocean, or the galaxies of the Heavens. Our most base reflex reactions are the fight and flight of survival and the instinct of avoiding pain. To know acute painContinue reading “The power of pain.”

A noun with a name.

I have taken an extra week to build some “fodder” for my post as I began a new work position at the beginning of this month, that of a carer, hence the choice of the title.  The Oxford dictionary states that a carer is: “A noun. A family member or paid helper who regularly looksContinue reading “A noun with a name.”

“Summer days drifting away / To, oh, oh, the summer nights”

Thanks to that iconic movie “Grease”, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, who’s song hit the number one spot in the UK for seven weeks back in 1978. Tweens, teens, middies and oldies alike, have hummed along to this familiar tune, whilst reliving, or dreaming their own “summer-lovin’” dreams, for decades. Living in the northernContinue reading ““Summer days drifting away / To, oh, oh, the summer nights””

Gel nails, staircases, doorways and washing machines.

How would the four nouns in the title possibly make for a blog post, you may well ask? The common denominator is The Kingdom of The Netherlands, our new home! After an incredible nine months of adventuring the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and America, we returned to the blessing of a new apartment, theContinue reading “Gel nails, staircases, doorways and washing machines.”

Rubix cube scramble.

Thanks to our eldest daughter, sitting on the other side of the globe, for her unintended title to this post. She was fully invested in our scramble to negotiate the rubix cube of covid international travel, with the global updates that change virtually every 24 hours. It’s safe to say that any international travel, atContinue reading “Rubix cube scramble.”

Grown-up gapping.

“Pinch me!”, “Who would have thought?” have become our catchphrases in an attitude of immense gratitude these past nine months of adventuring. No more so than these past months has my mantra of “Surrender to the adventure” been a call for the biggest leap of faith ever! More than ever before, I honestly believe thatContinue reading “Grown-up gapping.”

Road trippin’ the YOUnited States of America.

A summary of our 11 states in 12 days – what an ADVENTURE!  · DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that, as the name of my blog site suggests, Life Through My Lens, this is MY impression of the adventure I choose to find in every day and may not reflect the views of the majority. SettingContinue reading “Road trippin’ the YOUnited States of America.”

Whispers of wonder and Wander.

What a privilege to be able to experience one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders, first hand, in the flesh, with my own eyes, The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States of America. Made all the more special by the fact that it happened on the day of our youngest daughter’s 24th birthday! Our early morningContinue reading “Whispers of wonder and Wander.”

NCAA scholarship reality check.

Study abroad, they said. Apply for a scholarship, they said. It will be easy, they said… They said a lot of things but they also said very little about a lot of other things! The associated prestige of being scouted and awarded a sports scholarship to study at a university in the USA is anContinue reading “NCAA scholarship reality check.”