Lakes & Litter

It appears that most of my posts involve reflection, in some form or another and primarily in the comparison department, due to the interest I find in each place on this wonderful planet that we get to call home, sometimes for only a short stop, and others for longer. With that in mind, here goesContinue reading “Lakes & Litter”

The taste of a memory.

Raspberries. No matter where in the world I find myself, the moment that I put a raspberry into my mouth, I am instantly transported back to my maternal Grandmother.  More precisely, her vegetable garden on their farm in the Bulwer district of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. It is said that the sense of smell isContinue reading “The taste of a memory.”

The night sky

On a night of restlessness, Darling sleeping peacefully next to me, I gaze at the rectangle of the open window lightness and see the stars shining in the Heavens…  At the risk of lapsing into sounding prophetically poetic, I am reminded of my great aunt who passed away peacefully at the ripe old age ofContinue reading “The night sky”


I shall certainly be looking like I took a trip down a flight of stairs with all the pinching that I’m finding myself doing: who’s life IS this anyway??? Whilst Darling and I are gratefully “gapping”, in a quest to live our lives to the fullest and at the same time to enjoy a littleContinue reading “Reunions.”

Another trip around the sun!

What is it about birthdays that terrify some and enchant others?  I’m of the latter persuasion! It is with a tremendous sense of gratitude that I get to celebrate another trip around the sun, certainly with the Son at the centre of my life, I have a whole lot to be grateful for. Faith aside,Continue reading “Another trip around the sun!”

Rose-tinted spectacles.

What is it about a holiday that brings out the romantic in most, the nostalgia in some and the jaundiced eye in others? I guess it all comes down to attitude, along with a sense of adventure and a dose of wisdom in the mix. Having owned a gift & decor retail outlet on theContinue reading “Rose-tinted spectacles.”

Dutch dog-dash vs Swiss saunters.

High up in the rural slopes of the Swiss mountains we have found ourselves enjoying the cleanest air that is becoming a little fresher each morning on our walk – Autumn is upon us – and, apart from the obvious gradient difference between NL and CH, the other difference is of the canine variety, orContinue reading “Dutch dog-dash vs Swiss saunters.”

Opportunity of opposites.

A new chapter in our adventuring has begun, thanks to the incredible generosity of dear friends who own a holiday home in the rural regions of Switzerland where we have the privilege of basing ourselves for the next couple of months. We’ve arrived at a junction in our lives and so too the seasons: AutumnContinue reading “Opportunity of opposites.”