Dust devils & other Dutch delights.

Leaving South Africa, land of colonial privilege for some of us with the wonderful help of housekeeper/s, I eagerly embraced the opportunity to do my own housework, my own way, or so I thought……(wry smile) Before assuming that ALL white – apologies for the inclusion of race – South Africans are land barons, boasting aContinue reading “Dust devils & other Dutch delights.”

Personal perspective on the “big debate”

How extraordinary that I should have some of my more profound thoughts come to mind while I ride my Old Dutch bicycle along cobbled streets of the flat lands of our new home and, in this instance, even more profound that in this wonderful country that I currently call home, The Netherlands, being one ofContinue reading “Personal perspective on the “big debate””

Brutally HUMBLED…by 2020 technology!

The age of the millenials has arrived, for some time already, and it is beyond their comprehension to even consider life without some form of internet technology or wireless device.  For those of us who fall into the non-millennial category, this is quietly amusing when trying to explain the way it was “in the oldContinue reading “Brutally HUMBLED…by 2020 technology!”

Feathers & fuss – Mother’s Day & the menagerie

With Mother’s Day 2020 fast approaching, and what sort of a day it will be given the current COVID conditions….. gets me in the feels somewhat as I come to realise the immense privilege that it is to be able to celebrate this day as a Mother myself.  For some this is not ever aContinue reading “Feathers & fuss – Mother’s Day & the menagerie”

Upside down – Pt 2.

Government boarding schools in South Africa in the 1900’s was often an additional option for the education system to accommodate “problem children” from “problem homes”.  These boarding schools are typically located in rural towns, away from the strife of the bigger cities and hence the “dumping ground” for many such children and so it wasContinue reading “Upside down – Pt 2.”