Rubix cube scramble.

Thanks to our eldest daughter, sitting on the other side of the globe, for her unintended title to this post. She was fully invested in our scramble to negotiate the rubix cube of covid international travel, with the global updates that change virtually every 24 hours. It’s safe to say that any international travel, atContinue reading “Rubix cube scramble.”

Grown-up gapping.

“Pinch me!”, “Who would have thought?” have become our catchphrases in an attitude of immense gratitude these past nine months of adventuring. No more so than these past months has my mantra of “Surrender to the adventure” been a call for the biggest leap of faith ever! More than ever before, I honestly believe thatContinue reading “Grown-up gapping.”

Road trippin’ the YOUnited States of America.

A summary of our 11 states in 12 days – what an ADVENTURE!  · DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind that, as the name of my blog site suggests, Life Through My Lens, this is MY impression of the adventure I choose to find in every day and may not reflect the views of the majority. SettingContinue reading “Road trippin’ the YOUnited States of America.”

Whispers of wonder and Wander.

What a privilege to be able to experience one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders, first hand, in the flesh, with my own eyes, The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States of America. Made all the more special by the fact that it happened on the day of our youngest daughter’s 24th birthday! Our early morningContinue reading “Whispers of wonder and Wander.”

NCAA scholarship reality check.

Study abroad, they said. Apply for a scholarship, they said. It will be easy, they said… They said a lot of things but they also said very little about a lot of other things! The associated prestige of being scouted and awarded a sports scholarship to study at a university in the USA is anContinue reading “NCAA scholarship reality check.”

Turkish delight.

Who would ever have imagined that in order to get to the USA from South Africa, via the Netherlands, would take us on a totally unplanned and rather exotic adventure to Turkey?! Once again the powers that be, in the political realm, issue proclamations and protocols that are more confusing than logical and so itContinue reading “Turkish delight.”

Humility in poverty.

If ever I have felt vaguely superior to anyone else, I now cringe at the thought, for who are we to elevate ourselves to any level above that of anyone else on this planet?  Yes, I agree that one’s intelligence through birthright, or intellect through opportunity of learning, certainly places one in a different categoryContinue reading “Humility in poverty.”

It’s a gamble.

Who ever would have thought that I would be required to don a “poker face” and take a gamble on so many aspects of daily life? The irony is that this Libra personality is a constant balancing act between the spontaneous and the ordered sides of my personality. I consider myself up for a challenge,Continue reading “It’s a gamble.”

Senseless common sense.

The global pandemic is possibly the single topic uniting every member of the human race. The fear, tragedy, disability and devastation experienced by many is not something to be downplayed nor discounted, it is however, something that needs to be “managed” and by that I mean respected but given the deserving perspective, without the fearContinue reading “Senseless common sense.”