Switching off.

Africa, all that it is.  And all that it isn’t, anymore. The continent of Africa is known as the “dark continent”, the birthplace of humankind, a continent of extremes,  the land of no hope, and other cliches about the “heart of darkness”. It is a continent steeped in the blood of battles between tribes andContinue reading “Switching off.”

Diverse creativity.

What a treat and a privilege to be able to visit some extraordinarily talented displays whilst on our working-holidaying-working-adventure. Currently in South Africa, we decided to relocate our office to a more satellite position for the day, doubling up on a visit to two remarkably creative outlets. The first being the most favourite of mineContinue reading “Diverse creativity.”

A season of mourning

The risk of love is loss, the price of loss is grief. As a child, I grew to understand the high pitched, extended keening sound that came from blanket shrouded Zulu women, known in their language as “gayizaring”, came out of the depths of the souls of those grieving women. All cultures have traditions andContinue reading “A season of mourning”

Consider contentment.

The notion of happiness and sadness seems to be two separate emotions however, according to Darling’s philosophy, they are apparently, “the same emotion, separated only by time.” This is something that he has tried to impress upon us, three emotional women in his life, over the years. It occurred to me that he might wellContinue reading “Consider contentment.”

Life Saver.

Sweets, treasures, recreation, occupation, eternity – all five words hold some sort of common denominator word association answer: life saver. Growing up, a roll of LifeSaver sweets, in all their rainbow coloured deliciousness, was a treat that could be made to last right down to the glass shard sliver of sweetness, if you did notContinue reading “Life Saver.”

Separation anxiety.

Leaving the privileged lifestyle of many South Africans where the house and nanny help is plentiful, the weather sensational, not to mention the places to eat out, the space, the wildlife, and and and… Who would want to leave this life of apparent luxury behind?! It is for this reason that many expat Saffers spendContinue reading “Separation anxiety.”

Beginnings and endings.

How challenging it is, at times, to set aside our preconceived notions of control, order and planning. Well, it certainly is for me, with my type-A, “control freak”, slightly OCD, mostly bossy personality! I see much of myself in our precious eldest daughter who, typical of an eldest child, has incredible organizational abilities for planningContinue reading “Beginnings and endings.”

The sounds of silence.

Night noises are mostly the things of nightmares with the old line of “what goes ‘thump’ in the night” coming to mind! In a previous post, I contrasted the sounds of our home on a traffic circle in a quiet town in The Netherlands with the rural sounds of our Swiss alpine escape. A largeContinue reading “The sounds of silence.”

Panic and peace.

Our world appears to have been turned upside down with the pandemic that has swept across the globe. The speed of the spread fuelled by the highest order of fear mongering by the powers at play and exacerbated by the instantaneous social media platforms, spewing out alarming statistics, scaring everyone into panic mode. This newContinue reading “Panic and peace.”