Senseless common sense.

The global pandemic is possibly the single topic uniting every member of the human race. The fear, tragedy, disability and devastation experienced by many is not something to be downplayed nor discounted, it is however, something that needs to be “managed” and by that I mean respected but given the deserving perspective, without the fearContinue reading “Senseless common sense.”

The wonder of weddings.

These corona virus times that our tiny blue planet is in the grip of has messed with many a plan, not least those of the nuptial sort: more than a few friends and children of our friends have had to delay, postpone or re-hash their “big day” dreams which got me thinking about the wonderfulContinue reading “The wonder of weddings.”

Rainy days.

The delights of modern day communication technology have given rise to numerous social media platforms who feed us all a totally NON-sustainable perfection. Whilst I choose to have more perfect days than not,  the reality is that the rainy days do come. I guess that sad, bad, gloomy reality pics are not as uplifting as theContinue reading “Rainy days.”