Bicycles, bicycles & more bicycles! Pt 2.

The key to the national mode of transport in The Netherlands is not to worry about anyone else – selfish, right? No, sensible and SAFE! My South African mind-set had to make a radical shift if I were to embrace the bicycle culture and survive! Step one is to buy a bicycle and the bestContinue reading “Bicycles, bicycles & more bicycles! Pt 2.”

Brutally HUMBLED…by 2020 technology!

The age of the millenials has arrived, for some time already, and it is beyond their comprehension to even consider life without some form of internet technology or wireless device.  For those of us who fall into the non-millennial category, this is quietly amusing when trying to explain the way it was “in the oldContinue reading “Brutally HUMBLED…by 2020 technology!”