Liberation of anonymity.

Phew! What a life, what opportunities! It seems unfathomable that our time in this incredibly beautiful, sublimely peaceful and obviously isolated bubble is drawing nigh but it is time for a new adventure and that means a return to the “real world”! This got me thinking about my dear Dad, gone over 15 years agoContinue reading “Liberation of anonymity.”

The Wandering (Travelling) Wilburys.

Today, exactly three years ago, we arrived in The Kingdom of The Netherlands to a completely empty apartment on the Valkenburgerplein in the beautiful town of Heemstede. Our team of four, each bearing the airline’s maximum luggage allowance of two suitcases, began our Dutch adventure together: sleeping on the floor, eating off plastic plates theContinue reading “The Wandering (Travelling) Wilburys.”