The sound of silence.

The last few blog posts have been somewhat negative, in terms of bemoaning our latest home location. Note to self: there is really not much to moan about as we are privileged to have such a beautifully renovated apartment, in a beautiful town, in a safe and secure country to call our home, for now. Continue reading “The sound of silence.”

Senseless common sense.

The global pandemic is possibly the single topic uniting every member of the human race. The fear, tragedy, disability and devastation experienced by many is not something to be downplayed nor discounted, it is however, something that needs to be “managed” and by that I mean respected but given the deserving perspective, without the fearContinue reading “Senseless common sense.”


I shall certainly be looking like I took a trip down a flight of stairs with all the pinching that I’m finding myself doing: who’s life IS this anyway??? Whilst Darling and I are gratefully “gapping”, in a quest to live our lives to the fullest and at the same time to enjoy a littleContinue reading “Reunions.”